The Harley Brotherhood
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Welcome to The Harley Brotherhood Web Page
We are in no way affiliated to the Harley-Davidson Motor Company (other than we ride the finest motorcycle made in the U.S.A.). The Harley Bar & Shield and other emblems are registered trademarks of Harley-Davidson Motor Company.
Who Are We?
We're just some guys who hang around together and like to ride Harleys. We started referring to ourselves as the Brotherhood. We also discovered that there is a group of Harley riders in Germany who also share the same interests and also refer to themselves as the Brotherhood. We started to correspond and jokingly referred to ourselves as the U.S. Chapter and the German Chapter. Two groups of bikers in two different parts of the world with the same interests are now the Harley Brotherhood.
What we do.
Most of us attend Bike Week in Laconia, New Hampshire, each June. We've started a couple of our own runs, one of which is our "Go For Broke" run to Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut. Another is our "Spring Breakout" run to Hull, Ma. We also attend the various fund raiser poker runs during the riding season. Other than that we just ride.

Our German Bros share the same interest of keeping the knees in the breeze. We'll post some photos of the members and their runs as we get them.

The Brotherhood members (U.S. Chapter)
Bob Santos (Sawbuck)
Herb Souza (Superb Herb)
Dave Dias (Sidehat)
Ron Rezendes (Rez)
John Rezendes (J.R.)

The Brotherhood (German Chapter)


Updated 08/22/12